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6 weeks to 18


18 months to
2 1/2 years

Full Day


2 1/2 to
5 years



Infants: 6 weeks to approximately 18 months

Our infant rooms are warm inviting places with music, stories, lots of
floor space and a variety of materials that change as the
developmental level of the children dictates. Our teachers
use the Sign 2 Me method of sign language in all of our
infant rooms. The 8 infants in each of these rooms are with
in 4-5 month age range of each other allowing us to keep
them together with two consistent teachers until they all
are ready to transition to toddlers. This consistency build trust
and independence, thus, allowing the children to grow
and flourish in an educationally rich environment.

4:1 ratio


Toddlers: approximately
18 mos – 2 1/2 yrs

The toddler rooms are a busy place as the children are becoming even more independent. The toddlers days are a little more structured with the introduction of circle time, cooking projects, music, books, art and free exploration. Signing is continued in the toddler rooms with the addition of spanish at circle time. The children have come to this room as a group from the infant room allowing the children to continue creating strong bonds of friendship.

5:1 ratio


Full Day Preschool: 2 1/2 – 5 yrs

Our Mixed age rooms are a place of exploration, discovery and accomplishment for the children. The mixed age concept promotes a place where younger children are mentored by older children, siblings can spend their days together and the children stay with a primary teacher through the years. These classrooms offer a variety of learning opportunities that incorporate literacy/language, math, science, problem solving, pretend play, music, large and small motor activities through out the day. The daily schedule is organized to meet the needs of all the children and foster the love of learning.

8:1 ratio